What are nicotine salts?

What are nicotine salts?

There’s a lot of confusion around nicotine salts, but there’s nothing complex about it. Nicotine, also known as freebase nicotine, is directly extracted from tobacco. This form of nicotine is used in a variety of ejuice products.

However, nicotine salt is developed by adding Benzoic Acid to freebase nicotine. This reduces the PH level of the solution, thus resulting in less irritation. For you, this means you can vape a higher strength without the fear of a harsh throat hit.

Here are some other advantages of vaping nicotine salt ejuice:

  • Higher strengths available
  • Faster absorption rate
  • One of the best choices for those trying to quit smoking

Now that you’ve answered the question of what is nicotine salt, you can decide if this is right for you, your vaping preferences, and your budget.