How long does vape juice last?

How long does vape juice last?

This is a common question asked by most vaping enthusiasts, and can mean two things:

  • How long does vape juice last when vaping?
  • How long is vape juice good for? When does it expire?

The answer to the first questions depends on the size of the bottle, how you vape, and how often you vape. For example, it goes without saying that a 50 MG bottle will last longer than a 25 MG bottle.

As for the second question, vape juice is good for somewhere in the one to two year range when properly stored. This means storing the bottle tightly closed, in a cool and dark place.

As someone who enjoys vaping, it’s important to know how long ejuice lasts. This knowledge will ensure that you always have the right juice on hand, and that you never store your product in a manner that will result in premature expiration.