Silver toned vape device. Photo by Sven Kucinic on Unsplash

Why Your Vape Tank is Leaking

As a vaper, there is nothing more frustrating than a leaking vape tank. Not only does it stop you dead in your tracks, but it can also cost you both time and money.

However, you’re not alone. A leaking vape tank is a common occurrence that plagues almost every vaper at some point.

Here are a few of the many reasons why your tank may be leaking:

  • A crack in the tank: It only takes one small crack to cause a leak, so it’s important to handle your tank with care. While a crack can appear anywhere, you’re most likely to come across one on the base of your tank.
  • Build-up of vape juice residue: Over time, residue can build-up inside the tank, which can prevent it from sealing. Oftentimes, you won’t notice this problem until a leak occurs.
  • Incorrect filling: Even if you have many years of vaping experience, you could still make a mistake when filling your tank. For example, you could accidentally dump e-juice into the drip tip, which results in a leak. And of course, filling your tank with too much vape juice will also cause a leak.

What’s the Best Solution?

Don’t assume that replacing your leaking vape tank is the only option. There are many fixes to first experiment with, including the following:

  • Dry out your vaporizer: For example, if you’ve flooded your tank for any reason, take apart your vaporizer and give it time to dry out. In the future, pay close attention to how powerfully your vaping, as to avoid the same problem.
  • Stop overfilling your tank: Many vapers make this mistake, as they assume it’s the best way to avoid regular fill-ups. The problem with overfilling is that it almost always results in a leak. Protect against this by using a clear tank that allows you to see how much liquid you have.
  • Set a cleaning schedule: It would be nice if you never had to clean your vaporizer, but this isn’t something you should try to get away with. Regular cleanings help prevent build-up and subsequent leaks. As a general rule of thumb, clean your device every three to five days.
  • Replace the O-rings: Over time, these have the potential to warp, which results in a loose seal. Rather than buy a new device, simply swap out the O-rings.

Tip: if your tank is damaged, such as the presence of one or more cracks, you’re best off swapping it out.

Final Thoughts

As you gain experience, you’ll come to understand what you can do to prevent vape tank leaks. But, if you ever run into this problem, diagnose the cause and then consider the many solutions available to you. 

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