Which Vapor Juice Is Right for You

Which Vapor Juice Is Right for You

Getting the right vapor juice can be the difference between having a great experience with your vape pen system and having a very poor one. Much of this comes down to personal taste but there are some technical considerations as well. Different devices and pens will react differently to different flavors. Different companies will have different flavors as well, making it especially important to learn what you like and dislike and develop your preferences over time. But there are some pointers in choosing the right vapor juice for you that anyone can make use of to determine what will work best. As always though, let your sense be your guide and choose the right liquid that gives you the most pleasant experience.

Before we talk about preferences, it is important to know what is actually in your e-liquid. It is your body, after all, and you need to be aware of what you put into it. Vape pens can be a wonderful, relaxing experience and the reason comes down to the delivery system and the ingredients found in the liquid used. The benefits of using vape pens are many. Users often report they feel relaxed and comfortable while enjoying their vape pens. Vape culture continues to become mainstream in 2018 and the vaping community grows everyday. This means as more and more consumers are choosing to vape, the industry’s technology is advancing rapidly and every year, newer and better devices and e-liquids are created.

Vaping devices and liquids continue to get less expensive as well, meaning vaping can be an interesting activity that does not come with a high cost. Additionally, vaping leaves no lingering foul smell that can offend coworkers, friends, family, and make the user socially uncomfortable. As well, they are very portable and can be easily carried in a pocket or bag. This means they are able to be taken anywhere and with their lack of offensive smells, using your vape can be very discreet. There is also no need for additional items such a lighters when using them. They are self-contained units and can be easily charged via USB and other common power sources present in homes and businesses. But how do we choose the right liquid for our vaporizer? Let’s consider the ingredients first to come to a decision.

Vegetable glycerin is a common base for e-liquids. Made from vegetable oil, it is a chemical that adds a great smokiness and smoothness to the vape experience and delivers a great smoking experience. Propylene glycerol is the other common base and it adds a sharper bite to a vape hit. It is a natural compound as well. VG is the most popular base for e-liquids and customers seem to enjoy the smooth finish it delivers. It is a denser more full feeling liquid. But PG has its advantages as well. Though it may hit the throat harder than VG, PG creates bolder flavors that are great for those who like to get creative in what they put in their vape. Propylene glycerol also burns better at a hotter temperature, however it carries a slightly higher risk of allergic reaction than it’s counterpart. Both bases have their strengths and weaknesses and for a beginning vape user, these will be obvious with some experience and experimentation.

Next, come the e-liquid flavors. The most simple is the natural tobacco flavor. This was the first one developed when vape pens first came on the market and it’s for a reason. It remains a favor of the vaping community.

Simple flavors are the next item to consider when choosing a vape e-liquid. Because of the complexity in creating these flavors, be they fruit, food, or pleasing scents, companies can be hit or miss in delivering a quality product. Always seek out a reputable brand first before you commit to purchasing flavored e-liquid. Simple flavors include different types of fruit, cake, or dessert.

But there are many more complex flavors as well. In 2018, more and more vape companies are producing their own signature brand of vape flavors that can be very diverse and try to capture a particular mood or feeling. Some are even named after a location or a holiday. Get experimental and see which ones appeal to you the most.

At SaltBae50, we strive to find the very best in vape juice and present our customers with everything they need to have the best vaping experience possible. Whether you prefer a more traditional flavor or something more premium and exotic, we offer something for everyone. As vaping culture takes over in 2018 and beyond, we are right there at the forefront offering our expertise and the very best in salt nicotine vapor juices that you will need to get the most of our your experience.

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