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What Are Nicotine Salts? A Detailed Explanation

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner that’s bought into the cultural phenomenon known as vaping or a seasoned vet that understands the products and lingo, it’s evident that the introduction of nicotine salts has impacted the industry in a number of ways. 

From the continuous out-pour of vapor pod systems to a large number of users dumping the mods and switching to pods, it’s safe to say that this solution of sorcery is here to stay.

While it doesn’t fit the bill of a traditional e-liquid, Saltbae50 has recognized the benefits of nicotine salts and is now leading the march forward into a smoother, more satisfying landscape.

Saltbae50 offers a variety of products, such as Green Apple, Blue Lemonade, and Sweet Caramel Tobacco, all of which contain nicotine salt and a choice of 25mg and 50mg strengths.

Although many believe that the vapor products industry and its manufacturers are still playing catch-up, they’re actually on an even playing field when it comes to both chemistry and technology.

Since 2007, users have been ingesting the purest form of nicotine, which is “freebase” nicotine. The largest tobacco and pharmaceutical companies use this same nicotine in cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapies, but manufacturers in the vapor products industry are taking a leap forward by improving traditional e-liquid with benzoic acid.

By using benzoic acid to alter the same nicotine found in the tobacco leaf, pH levels and alkalinity (the part that causes harsh throat-hits) is reduced, resulting in a smoother, more satisfying experience that can only be obtained from nicotine salts.

While we understand that salt nicotine is merely an introduction of a special acidic compound into freebase nicotine, many users are still questioning the benefits compared to the industry standard e-liquid they’ve relied on for years.

Nicotine salt is a unique liquid that has become the vaping industry’s magic solution. From national headlines to the largest tobacco companies, everyone wants the scoop on vaping’s secret sauce.

How Will Nicotine Salts Benefit You?

With freebase nicotine pH levels are much higher, which results in an increase in alkalinity. This may not seem dramatic if you’re familiar with chemistry, but there is a huge difference when you compare it to nicotine salts.

Through the use of benzoic acid, pH levels and alkalinity are reduced. Subsequently, the harsh throat-hit is eliminated, resulting in a smoother vaping experience.

Benzoic acid is the gift that keeps on giving, as it provides several other benefits, such as causing a reaction that allows the salt to be absorbed just as easy as freebase nicotine. Add in the fact that using higher nicotine strengths will result in less e-liquid consumption, and there’s no wonder why a large number of users are switching to salt nicotine.

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