The Salty and Sweet Benefits of SaltBae50

The Salty and Sweet Benefits of SaltBae50

When you are making the switch to use vapor juice as your standard method of nicotine consumption, it is important to know that you are getting the best products using the most up to date ingredients. The best vapor juice on the market is made by our team at SaltBae50. We use salt nicotine for one of the cleanest and most satisfying hits possible. Using these modern methods of consumption also comes with the benefit of being able to choose from a wide range of flavors. Using our products will surely make you happy that you finally made the switch to using a portable vaporizer.

At SaltBae50, we take pride in the fact that we use some of the most up to date ingredients and the most modern methods to make the best products we possibly can. The use of nicotine salts is an idea that has quite recently emerged onto the vaping scene. The biggest reason people enjoy using portable vaporizers is so that they can get their nicotine fix without having to resort to traditional tobacco products. This is precisely why nicotine salts are one of the best additions to the vape market. They occur naturally in tobacco leaves, so this method of consumption is a much better and more natural alternative to freebase nicotine which is not always a stable method of putting nicotine in the vape juice you use every day. They are also a better way of getting your nicotine fix faster, while simultaneously needing to take smaller or less frequent hits.

Nicotine Salts absorb into the blood with a much higher concentration, so you can get that feeling right away without needed to take a number of breaks or massive hits. Their natural occurrence is what allows the human body to process the nicotine much easier and more efficiently than the freebase nicotine alternative. This eliminates one of the biggest problems new users face, which is how much they need to vape in order to get the same feeling they used to. With nicotine salts, you can take minimal hits and get back to your busy life, but still get the same feeling you are looking for in much less time. At SaltBae50, our salt nicotine e juice is available with nicotine levels of either twenty five milligrams or fifty milligrams. With these options, you can decide exactly what amount of nicotine is right for you depending on your tolerance level. This means that making the switch to e juice will be much more seamless with nicotine salt e juice rather than e juice without nicotine.

One of the biggest draws to using vapor juice is the wonderful variety of flavors on the market. When you are looking to reminisce about your tropical vacation when you are in the middle of a harsh winter blizzard, look no further than our Fresh Pineapple e juice. This sweet juice will send your mind right back to the palm trees and beaches and give you that quick break from reality that everyone needs from time to time. If you want something that is a little closer to the flavor you are used to with a sweeter twist, we also offer a wonderful flavor called Sweet Caramel Tobacco. Like the title states, the depth of the mellow tobacco is beautifully complimented by the rich and sweet taste of caramel. This is a wonderful flavor to introduce yourself to the world of portable vaporizers, while still using the same flavors that you are already so familiar with.

On that note, if you are craving the menthol flavor that you are so accustomed to, we offer just the products for you. Our Iced line of flavors uses some of the best flavors and adds that little bit of crisp menthol that you are looking for. Flavors like Iced Juicy Watermelon, Iced Green Apple, and Iced Red Mango will give you the fruity sweetness you want in vapor juice with the crisp minty freshness of menthol. With all of these flavor choices you are sure to find something that fits right in with your palate.

At SaltBae50 we make products that our customers love. With daily use of nicotine salt e juice instead of freebase nicotine, you can get your satisfying hit quicker and more efficiently. So head on over and check out our delectable e juice options. You’re sure to find something that suits you! For those looking to stock their vape shop with SaltBae50 e juices, we also offer wholesale options. This way, you can get every flavor we have in bundles and keep those loyal customers coming back time and time again.

For more information, give us a call at 617-651-5231, email us at, or send us a message via out contact page. We’re always here and we’re always ahppy to help!

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