Nicotine Lovers Unite!

Nicotine Lovers Unite!

More and more, everyday, vaping is becoming a hobby for people of all ages. With this, comes a rise and growth within the vaping industry. More people are starting to use vaping as a way to interact socially while also satisfying their cravings. However, with this rise in the industry also comes various avenues in which one can get their vapor juice for sale. With so many options to choose from, you might be wondering where to start. Well, let us help you out.

First things first. Do you prefer vapor juice with or without nicotine? If you prefer your vapor juice with nicotine, then you’ve come to the right place. At SaltBae50, we’ve got many different flavors of nicotine vape juice to choose from. However, our vape juice doesn’t just contain ordinary nicotine; it contains salt nicotine. What is salt nicotine, you ask? Well, let me hit you with some facts:

Salt nicotine comes from the natural salts found in tobacco plants. While this type of nicotine is not new to the market, it is becoming increasingly popular in today’s day and age with the new vaping phenomenon. There are many things that salt nicotine offers, including:

Smoother throat-hit
Freebase nicotine has a higher pH level, which leads to an increase in alkalinity. This increase causes a harsher throat-hit, leaving people to vape at smaller amounts that they need or want to and creating a not so fabulous and fun vaping experience. With salt-based nicotine, on the other hand, you get a strong, yet smoother throat hit which allows for a more positive vaping experience. This is because salt nicotine is mixed with benzoic acid, which lowers pH levels and reduced alkalinity.

Higher Nicotine Levels
Because they are in their natural state, nicotine salts offer vape users better nicotine blood absorption than freebase nicotine which allows for a quicker nicotine fix while vaping than if they used freebase nicotine vape juice. This bring us to our next point:

Less Money Spent
Because vape users get higher nicotine levels and better absorption when vaping salt nicotine based e-juices, they will not need to vape as much in order to get what they are looking for. This will allow them to consume less vape juice, which, in turn, saves overall money spent on replenishing their stock.

Longer Shelf Life
Finally, because salt nicotine is used in its natural state, it is more stable and less likely to oxidize faster than freebase nicotine.

Now that you know a little but about salt nicotine and what it offers, let’s get into the best part about vaping: flavor.

At SaltBae50, we have a variety of salt nicotine vapor juice for sale that is sure to please. We’ve got salt nicotine flavors that are available both with and without menthol. For menthol vapor juice, we’ve got the following flavors: Iced Honey Dew, Iced Red Mango, Iced Green Apple, and Ice Juicy Watermelon. With temperatures rising higher every day, a hit of our Iced vapor juices will leave you feeling refreshed,, cool, and ready to tackle whatever might come your way.

For non-mentholated e-juices, we have flavors that include: Strawberry Kiwi, Sweet Caramel Tobacco, Green Apple, Juicy Watermelon, Red Mango, Fresh Pineapple, and (my favorite) Blue Raspberry Lemonade.

All of these flavors feature a salt nicotine-based e-juice and offer mouthwatering flavors that won’t disappoint. However, with all of these delectable vapor juices to choose from, it can be hard trying to settle on just one flavor. Well, you’re in luck. At SaltBae50, we like to provide our customers with all the vape juice flavors they want so that they can make the best decision when deciding their favorite. If this is the case with you, then head on over to our SaltBae50 homepage. If you scroll down towards the bottom of our homepage, you’ll find a clickable image with the words “Starter Pack.” This will direct you to a page where we offer a pack of 60 bottles containing ten bottles each of six different flavors that include: Green Apple, Honey Dew, Juicy Watermelon, Red Mango, Strawberry Kiwi, and Sweet Caramel Tobacco. Whether you are looking to buy wholesale or looking to try a variety of options (with spare to share), then this Starter Pack is for you!

All of our options of vapor juice for sale offer a choice between either 25mg and 50mg of nicotine and each flavor comes in a 30ml bottle. For more information about SaltBae50 and about salt nicotine in general, check out the video featured on our homepage, read our other blog posts, give us a call at (617) 651-5231, or send us a message. We’re always more than happy to help and hope you’ll join our bandwagon for the best salt nicotine vapor juice for sale you’ll ever have!

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