How do You Smoke an Electronic Cigarette?

How do You Smoke an Electronic Cigarette?

Are you interested in vaping, but a bit concerned about what it entails?

It may sound complicated on the surface, but once you have the right supplies in hand everything will come together. 

As you proceed, here’s one thing you need to remember: smoking an electronic cigarette is not the same as a traditional cigarette. For example, if you want to enjoy your experience, you must learn how to properly inhale.

You may run into a few challenges as a beginner, but it’s not likely to take you more than a couple days to get the hang of vaping. 

Before we dive into the three key steps for smoking an electronic cigarette, let’s examine some of the things you want to avoid:

  • Don’t take quick, short drags: This may be your approach when smoking traditional cigarettes, but it’s not the right approach with an electronic cigarette. Doing this increases the likelihood of the e-juice ending up in your mouth, and that’s never a pleasant experience.
  • Chain vaping: As enjoyable as it may be, don’t go overboard. Take three to six draws and then step away from your device.
  • Ignoring vaping symptoms: When you first start vaping, you may run into a variety of symptoms. These include but are not limited to dry mouth, sore throat, and a headache. Once you get used to vaping, these symptoms typically disappear. Also, if you take breaks between vaping sessions, it minimizes the risk of developing these symptoms.

Now, let’s move onto the fun stuff. Here are the steps you can take to properly smoke an electronic cigarette:

  • Draw: When you inhale, take a slow and steady draw until you feel enough vapor in your mouth. You should never feel the need to immediately draw the vapor directly into your lungs. Instead, fill your mouth and savor the flavor!
  • Hold then exhale: After the vapor enters your mouth, hold it there for approximately three seconds before inhaling or exhaling. Unlike nicotine in traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes allow you to absorb it through both your mouth and lungs.
  • Wait before taking another hit: With traditional cigarettes, it’s common to take a hit every 10 seconds or so. However, it takes longer to feel the effects of vaping, so you’ll want to wait 30 to 45 seconds between hits. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t expect everything to go exactly as planned when you first start vaping. While there’s a slight learning curve, the tips above will allow you to reach “pro status” in no time at all. 

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