9 Tips for Buying Nic Salts in 2019

9 Tips for Buying Nic Salts in 2019

It looks like nic salts are going to be a top choice for new and seasoned users in 2019. While nicotine salts are not a brand-new concept, the increasing popularity has caused a subsequent increase in low-quality products. Before taking the jump into the salt way of life, however, take a moment to read through these nine tips, so your first experience is not a negative one.

Know the Difference Between Nic Salts and Freebase Nic
The first thing you need to know is the difference between salt nicotine and freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine is the old, traditional juice. It is the option you’ve been vaping until now. But, what is the difference between nic salts and freebase nicotine?

Though the difference is complicated, you can narrow it down to the availability of nicotine. Juul took the world by storm when they formulated a juice with higher nicotine availability. To explain the science simply, when benzoic acid is used in the formation of salts, it increases the availability and absorption of the nicotine. So you vape less and get the same nicotine “buzz” you get out of a much longer vaping session.

Choose Your Best Variety: Hit vs. Standard vs. Smooth
Many vapers, even seasoned users, may not know there are three different forms of salt juice. The three types are hit, standard, and smooth. Though not available from all companies, there is a good chance more companies will adopt this new option and variety, though the names may change from one business to the next. So let’s get down to the basics.

Hit: Hit salt e-liquid packs a punch much stronger than any other e-liquid you've likely come in contact with. It’s best to use this type of liquid with systems that are low power and pod-based.

Standard: Standard is like the middle of the line. It’s not a super-strong hit, but it’s not the smooth hit you’ll get with smooth juices. It’s best described as an everyday juice with which anyone, whether new to vaping or not, can enjoy as it offers you just enough hit and is just smooth enough.

Smooth: Smooth varieties of salt juice get rid of that strong pepper-like taste that comes with nicotine. The user still gets the experience and the effects of the nicotine without the super throat punch associated with Hit or the milder blow associated with Standard.

Change Up The Flavor Regularly (Vaper’s Tongue)
You may not be familiar with the terminology, but vaper's tongue can cause an effect that may be diminishing your e-liquid experience. Whether it’s because of dehydration or using the same flavor for too long, vaper's tongue mutes the taste, but there is something you can do to stop this from happening.

Remember to drink plenty of water because, as stated above, dehydration can cause your tongue to not pick up on the flavor of your juice. You can also brush your teeth or smell fresh coffee, to sort of reset your taste buds. Probably the easiest way, however, is to give yourself a little variety of flavor. Using the same flavor for too long can cause your taste buds to get used to that flavor and eventually it doesn’t have the same richness as it did in the beginning.

Don’t Forget Purity
Now, you’re enjoying your vaping experience, but are you enjoying it as much as you could be? You’re on the lookout for the purest, high-end juice available today. Here at SaltBae50, we take the purity and consistency of our juices to heart. We only provide top-of-the-line nicotine salt e-juices that you can trust to give you the same quality experience every time you vape.

Country of Origin: Long Ship Times, Extreme Temps, Could Degrade Quality
Do you know where your e-juice is produced? Some fantastic e-juices are manufactured overseas, but the trouble is these products must be shipped from that location to the United States. The long ship times and extreme temperature variances could degrade the quality of the juice, and that’s the last thing any company wants to offer its customers.

As nicotine salt increases in popularity and begins to branch out throughout the United States, you need to be sure you are getting the best quality juice that fits into your personal vaping needs. That’s why SaltBae50 doesn’t sell products from any other company. We trust in our products. We know our products are high-end, and we ensure every customer that they are getting the best quality vape juice so that they have the fantastic experience they deserve.

Take a look around SaltBae50.com or give us a call at 603-943-8295. Our trained staff is ready to provide you with more details on nic salts, which products are best for you, and how to achieve the vaping experience you’ve been looking for all along.

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