6 Words to Look for When You Find Vapor Juice for Sale

6 Words to Look for When You Find Vapor Juice for Sale

It may seem like a piece of cake to find vapor juice for sale, but do you know what to look for in a trustworthy, established business that only sells top-of-the-line products? At SaltBae50, we’ve done the research, we know what’s essential to our regular and new customers, and we follow the rules and regulations of the business so you can trust we’re on top of things and that you’ll get the best quality out there.

MG of Nicotine How many milligrams of nicotine are in that vapor juice for sale? If your answer is, “I don’t know,” you need to try a different company because the one you’re currently viewing is not giving you the information you need to make the best choice for your pleasure, enjoyment, and experience.

Not everyone vapes with the same level of nicotine and not all are measured the same way. For instance, at SaltBae50 we specialize in salt nicotine. Salt nicotine is more highly concentrated and bioavailable, so the total milligrams will be higher than if you purchase freebase nicotine. While the freebase variety may come in three mg, the equivalent in salt nicotine may be 25 mg. As you can see, knowing how much nicotine is in your e-juice is a whole lot more important than you may have thought.

Tamper Resistant Why would the word tamper resistant be necessary for an adult buying vapor juice? Have you ever decided to go into a local shop and noticed the caps on the bottles are not sealed? There is no reason a company should sell any vape juice in a bottle that is not tamper-resistant. You want to know the product you’re purchasing was sealed at the factory and has remained sealed so nothing can be added or, as we found in some cases, unfortunately, nothing is taken out of the bottle (short-changing the liquid in the bottle to save a few dimes).

Childproof Cap No, you may not have children in your home, but that doesn’t mean children don’t visit your home from time to time. Childproof caps are not just for all the moms and dads who vape. Nicotine, often found in vapor juices for sale, is toxic to children and adults. However, the flavors added to the liquid also smell tantalizing, as if you could drink it like juice. You may not need a childproof cap, but is there any harm in having one?

Flavors The word flavor is important for anyone who vapes, but it’s especially important to people using salt nicotine. At the start, salt nicotine was only available in a small variety of flavors, but at SaltBae50 we didn’t think that was the best option, so we created a line of our own to develop new flavors. Check our website often, because we are a creative bunch.

Contact Why would you need to look for the word contact when looking for vapor juice for sale? Believe it or not, many online retailers do not offer a means of contacting the customer service department. We can’t figure out why a business wouldn’t want to hear from their customers, but that’s not how we work here at SaltBae50.

CA Prop 65 This may seem like an unusual word to look for, but they may be the most important words of all: CA Prop 65. In the state of California, it is required that businesses clearly state that certain products contain chemicals that may affect health. You may not think this means anything to a customer shopping from the other 49 states, but what it does show is that the business is up-to-date and compliant with the rules, laws, and regulations around selling e-juices.

How do we know these six words are important because these six words tell the visitor we only offer products with all relevant details revealed, in the safest possible packaging, in a variety of flavors, all in a way that meets required regulations. You’d be surprised by just how many shops don’t consider these things.

At SaltBae50, we’re all about nicotine salt, but despite our raging excitement, we didn’t forget the important details along the way. We stand by the fact that we offer the most extensive variety of flavors and the best customer service out there. But, don’t take our word for it. Visit SaltBae50.com to view our current and up-coming flavors and to look for these five words. We’ll save you some time and tell you they’re all there just as they should be.

We want to know, “Why so Salty?” and we need you to answer that question. Call us today at 603-943-8295 or send your answer, and other questions you may have, to info@saltbae50.com. We’re looking forward to showing you just how a company that has vapor juice for sale should treat you.

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