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5 Things to Expect When You First Start Vaping

According to a 2018 article by Reuters, citing a report in the Annals of Internal Medicine, approximately 10.8 million American adults are vaping.

While this number is already large, you can expect it to increase exponentially over the next three to five years.

If you’re interested in getting started with vaping, it’s important to prepare yourself. Here are five things you should expect:

1. Questions About What to Buy

With so many options to choose from, especially when it comes to e-juice, it’s natural to have some questions about what to buy.

Here’s the secret: there’s no right or wrong way to get started. The best thing you can do is learn more about available products, including both devices and vape juice, and experiment with several options.

You’ll enjoy some of what you come across, while other products won’t pique your interest. Soon enough, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to buy and use the products that are best for you (and your budget).

2. Potential Side Effects

Anything new that you introduce to your body has the potential to cause side effects, and vaping is no different.

Early on, you may experience dry mouth, coughing, headache, sore throat, and dehydration.

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to prevent these side effects. For example, if dehydration is a concern, drink plenty of water before, during, and after vaping.

3. Boost to Your Budget

If you’re transitioning from cigarettes to vaping, you’ll be glad to know that you’re in position to save money.

Yes, you’ll spend a bit upfront to get everything you need. However, once you have the essentials, you’ll realize that the day to day cost of vaping is much cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

4. Plenty of Taste Testing

This goes along with point #1 above. With so many e-juice flavors to choose from, get on board with the idea of taste testing.

For instance, some of our most popular flavors of nic salts include:

  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Red Mango
  • Honey Dew
  • Juice Watermelon

Note: all of our e-liquid flavors come in 25 MG and 50 MG varieties.

5. Questions, Questions, and More Questions

Since vaping is relatively new, you should expect plenty of questions from friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers.

Do you enjoy vaping more than smoking cigarettes? Where did you get that cool device? How much did it cost you to get started with vaping? Do you have any suggestions on where to buy the best products?

These are the types of questions you should expect, both when getting started with vaping and as you become more experienced. Remember, there are always people out there who want to learn from you.

Final Thoughts

When you prepare yourself accordingly, you’ll find it much easier to enjoy the early days of your vaping experience.

Let the five points above get you in the right frame of mind! 

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