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5 Common Electronic Cigarette Problems

Are you having problems with your electronic cigarette? Is it holding you back from enjoying your vaping experience?

While you may run into a variety of problems when vaping, here’s the good thing: there’s a solution to every issue.

Here are five of the most common electronic cigarette problems, as well as advice on how to deal with them.

1. Not Enough Nicotine

If you’re not getting enough of a nicotine hit, it’s safe to say you won’t enjoy the experience as much as you could.

There are many common reasons for this, such as:

  • Nicotine level is too low
  • Using a weak device
  • Weak battery
  • Using the device incorrectly

For example, if you’re using an e-juice with 25 MG of nicotine, step up to 50 MG to see if it makes a difference.

2. Not Enough Vapor

Most the time, if you’re not getting enough vapor it’s related to one of these two issues:

  • A device that lacks power
  • Wrong PG/VG ratio

One of the easiest ways to get more vapor is to use an e-juice with a higher concentration of VG. This is typically enough to solve your problem.

3. Battery Malfunction

This is one of the most frustrating problems, and not because it’s hard to fix. Instead, it’s frustrating because it’s often the last thing you check.

If your electronic cigarette isn’t working, make sure the battery is turned on. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it’s possible you need a new battery.

Finally, you may have a connection issue between your clearomiser and battery. This is often related to debris buildup between the two.

4. Burnt Taste

This is one of the best ways to ruin your vaping experience, so you want to avoid it at all costs. Some of the issues that can result in a burnt taste include:

  • Using an old coil
  • Not enough e-juice in the tank
  • Using the device immediately after filling

Most the time, a burnt taste is related to one or more of these issues. Fortunately, all of them are an easy fix.

5. Dry Mouth and Sore Throat

When you first start vaping, you may experience a variety of side effects. Dry mouth and sore throat are among the most common, but these typically disappear after a couple of weeks.

If your dry mouth and sore throat don’t improve, dig deeper to determine if your e-liquid has a high concentration of propylene glycol. Switching to a product with a higher level of vegetable glycerine can help prevent these side effects.

Final Thoughts

Although there are a few things that can go wrong when vaping, all of them are easy to fix.

Best yet, as you become more experienced, it’s easier to pinpoint every problem and implement an immediate solution.

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